Terms & Conditions

My terms & conditions are non-negotiable.


General infromation can be found on this page, but specific information can be found elsewhere on my site. Please use the navigation bar to explore my site, get to know more about me, what I offer and how we can meet!



♥️ Do be honest.

♥️ Do converse respectfully, not graphically.

♥️ Do ask questions if you are unsure.

♥️ Do be respectful and courteous.

♥️ Do supply your mobile phone number with email requests so you can be screened and verified.

♥️ Do show respect upon your meeting. I am a lady and a real person, and as such need to be treated like one. I treat you with respect, and requires you do the same to me.

♥️ Do offer gratuity to myself upon arrival. Ideally in a sealed envelope.

Do Not’s

♥️ Do not ask me to bend my rules. Everyone has limits, I respect yours, you must respect mine.

♥️ Do not be rude or converse graphically, this includes sending pictures of body parts.

♥️ Do not call on a private or blocked number. I do not take calls and I won't be able to respond to you.

♥️ Do not ask for information that is available to you already, it shows you have not read the information and it is a waste of both our time.

♥️ Do not haggle/barter/ask for a discount. My rate of donation is non-negotiable, it is a gratuity given in compensation for my time. Any activities that may take place between myself and you are the personal decisions of consenting adults at our own discretion, with full disclosure and open communication.

♥️ Do not be under the influence of any drugs, or the encounter will be ended immediately, including being deeply intoxicated.

♥️ Do not bring any drugs with you to consume or offer, or the encounter will be ended immediately.

♥️ Do not take pictures or video or ask to take them. Photos are available on my site and updated regularly. If you have a fetish about photographing or recording your time with me, I will permit this on my device only, the contents of which I will delete after the session. This is explained on my FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page.

♥️ Do not discuss any illegal activities with me. Depending on their nature, she may be ethically compelled to report them to the police. See BLACKLIST.

Booking Procedure

♥️ READ · Please ensure you have read through my site. Make sure I offer what you have in mind, and that you've checked my location, as I tour often, and her rates.

♥️ CONTACT · CONTACT Me! Ideally using my Booking Request Form, or via Text, or Email and provide the information I have or do ask for.

♥️ SCREENING · Your details will be screened.

♥️ REPLY · I or my Personal Assistant will return your communication to confirm the appointment and discuss any further details. All Email requests will be asked for your mobile phone number for verification.

♥️ DEPOSIT ·You pay a deposit, if requested, for the booking. See "Deposit" below.

♥️ CONFIRMATION · I will confirm our booking.

♥️ MEET · You will meet me at the disclosed date, time and location. I will collect her gratuity, less any deposit. I will contact her security personnel to check in. We will begin your rampageous rendezvous. Upon the conclusion of our meeting, either you or I will leave, depending on location. I will contact her security personnel to check out.

♥️REPEAT · You contact me again 😘


Deposit Policy

♥️ Some new clients are required to make a deposit to secure a booking.

♥️ Subsequent bookings may not require a deposit.

♥️ I'll send you the relevant deposit details when you have chosen your preferred deposit method.


Deposits Required For

♥️ Evelyn may request a deposit for any booking for any reason. This is at her discretion and is most likely to secure a booking during a personal and/or professional busy period.

♥️ I will always require a deposit for the following bookings:

Exceeding 2 hours

Including Water Sports

For Couples & Threesome, including those with Erik

For Outcalls to Private Homes

Longer Bookings



Deposit Amounts

♥️ Incalls

$100 AUD or international equivalent.

♥️ Outcalls

$100 AUD  or international equivalent + Travel Rate of the return taxi fare.

♥️ Larger & Longer Bookings

Longer Bookings whose rate exceeds $1,000 AUD require a 25% deposit.

Couples & Threesome Bookings, including those with Erik, require a 25% deposit.


Deposit Methods

♥️ Australia

Bank Deposit · Deposit can be made in cash across the counter at any Bendigo Bank Branch or Commonwealth Bank Branch in Australia. No transaction fees.

Bank Transfer · Deposit is electronically transferred from your bank account to Evelyn's discrete business account in Australia. No transaction fees.

Delivery Code · Deposit can be made anonymously online via my Delivery Code Wishlist. See "Delivery Code Deposits" below.

♥️ International

Delivery Code · Deposit can be made anonymously online via my Delivery Code Wishlist. See "Delivery Code Deposits" below.


Postpone / Cancellations

♥️ Sometimes clients need to reschedule or cancel a booking, and I understands this, life happens. Bookings can be postponed or cancelled with the following minimum time periods, however more is always helpful and appreciated.

Incalls ·1 hour

Outcalls · 2 hours

♥️ When a booking is postponed or cancelled within the minimum period your deposit will be forfeit as a last minute cancellation fee, see "Rescheduling, Lateness & Cancellation" below.



♥️ When a booking is postponed within the acceptable time frame, I can retain your deposit to use towards your next booking with me. Your next booking must be made within 12 months or the deposit is forfeit, meaning it will not be returned.



♥️ When a booking is cancelled within the acceptable time frame, I can issue you a refund. This will be done as soon as possible, meaning it may take several days to issue the refund. Please be patient. To have your booking deposit refunded to you, please ensure you supply me with the bank information I request. This will differ if you have an Australian or International Bank account.


Deposit Rational

♥️ My deposit policy is for my safety, security & peace of mind.

♥️ Please do not ask me to go against her TERMS & CONDITIONS of service, including my Deposit Policy, for any reason. I will not. If a deposit is request, it must be paid. NO deposit, NO booking.

♥️ Why do I ask for a deposit?

My clients are asking for access to my private location, often my home address, as well as to my body. I would prefer to know that these individuals are traceable in some way if something goes wrong.

For every booking I have I put in time, effort and materials to prepare myself for each client. If I experience a no show or last minute cancellation this is a waste of my time, resources and potential alternative income, and will likely put me in a bad mood for other clients and effect her trust of any future new clients.

♥️ If you are earnest about making a booking with me then you will be paying a donation for her time anyway, the deposit is simply a way to ensure I know you are serious and will show up.

♥️ If you do not feel comfortable making a deposit with an escort you have not met before, sorry, but I am not the lady for you.

Thank you for your understanding!

Evelyn xo

Delivery Code Deposits

About Delivery Code

♥ Delivery Code is a private, third party, payment system which utilises STRIPE to process payments. Both companies are unrelated to the Adult Industry and nothing incriminating will appear on your card statement. They accept Credit Cards or Debit Cards with a credit option, from MasterCard, Visa & American Express.


About the Deposit

♥ The deposit will be deducted from the total booking fee,not an addition to it.

♥ Ensure you arrange a booking with me before making a deposit. Deposits are not a way to secure a booking unless you have arranged a booking with me first.

♥ Delivery Code payments require a 20% administration fee.

♥ Payments exceeding $250 USD must be made a minimum of 72 hours in advance to give them time to clear.


Paying a Deposit

♥ Visit my Delivery Code Wishlist


♥ Under the select "Send a Cash Gift", fill in the following details:

Amount · Delivery Code only accepts USD/GPD/EUR, don't worry if your bank isn't in one of these currencies, the conversation will be done by your bank.

Other Details · These are required to verify your payment and are view able only by Delivery Code; I do not have access to them. Rest assured your privacy is maintained.

Your Message · Please include your name and/or the last 3 digits of your mobile number so your payment is identifiable.

♥ Delivery Code is an automated system, so I will be notified once the deposit has been made and I can then confirm our booking!

HEalth & Protection

Health and protection is a high priority to Evelyn.

MY Health & STIs

♥ I am regularly tested for STIs every 6-8 weeks.

♥ I am STI free and plan to stay that way.

♥ Occasionally I, like all women, will develop a natural bacterial or fungal imbalance. When this occurs, I will abstain from seeing clients and treat this medicinally for my own and others health and comfort.

♥ I always practices safe sex, including oral. No exceptions.



♥ Drug and disease free (DDF) is my policy for myself and my clients.

♥ I do not take any illicit substances, and in fact often obtains from caffeine and alcohol in my personal life.

♥ The following will result in you either forfeiting your deposit, or require you to pay the late minute cancellation fee, see below.

Showing up under the influence of any illicit drug.

Showing up in possession of any illicit drug, weather or not you plan on consuming it during or after the booking. 



♥ Latex condoms are provided by myself.

♥ If larger or thinner or non latex condoms are required for our booking, please request this asap so I can try and accommodate your desires.

♥ I will always use my own condoms. No exceptions.


Your Health & STIs

♥ If you arrive at a booking with a communicable illness, eg. cold or flu, they will be refused service. I do not work with clients who currently have a communicable disease. If you are ill, please reschedule or cancel our booking.

♥ If you arrive at a booking with a visible STI on, in or around their mouth or genitalia, one of several things may happen depending on the nature of the infection. You will be offered alternative services or you may be refused service.

♥ If a client is refused service on the basis of their health they will forfeit their deposit, or have to pay a last minute cancellation fee, see below.

♥ Please get tested regularly if you are a sexually active individual. Many STIs can go undetected for weeks, months and even years as many do not show symptoms, especially in men. Only Medical Doctors can diagnose you, not Sex Workers, friends or pharmacists. This if not just for your health and safety, it is for the health and safety of your Sex Workers, any partners you may have, my partner Erik, and the community at large. I understands many people are uncomfortable with their bodies, illness and STIs, but Doctors are trained health professionals there to help you and everyone. Please utilise their services.

♥ I am happy to announce I now offer a discount to clients with a resent STI test. See RATE, DISCOUNT & PAYMENT INFO.


♥ Discreteness is important for myself and my clients. All personal information is kept strictly confidential, only myself and my security personnel have access to it.

♥ I may contact clients from time to time by their preferred means of contact, either email or text. This will only be done between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. This is because I tour often and likes to update you about my whereabouts.

If you the do not want to be contacted outside of arranging a booking, let me know. You can remain on my contact list with a Do Not Contact (DNC) note. You can request to ad or subtract this note at anytime.

♥ If I fail to check in before or after a booking, my security personnel will contact the police and all booking details will be handed over to them. This is for my safety and protection.

♥ Clients who are highly rude or dangerous will have their details published on my BLACKLIST. This list is to assist sex workers in screening possible future clients. If you are well behaved, you have nothing to worry about.

VIP Clientele


♥ Some clientele may have celebrity status or be deemed important or influential in their field. Finding a professional companion in such circumstances can be difficult. Rest assured, I am someone who takes the privacy of my clientele seriously.

♥ I have signed non disclosure agreements before, and would be happy to again, for VIP clients, based on their requirements and circumstances.

♥ I have entertained TV & Film Actors, Vocal Artists, Barristers, Judges, Authors, CEOs, Sportsmen, Royalty, and the list goes on.

♥ For your VIP experience please CONTACT me to make an enquiry or a booking.

Rescheduling, Lateness & Cancellation


♥ Rescheduling a booking is possible. The minimum time before a booking you can reschedule is:

Incalls ·1 hour

Outcalls · 2 hours



♥ If you are going to be more than 5 minutes late please advise me via TEXT, PHONE or EMAIL.

♥ If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late I will require a lateness fee equivalent to $100AUD/hour, in intervals of 15 minutes. 15 minutes = $25, 30 minutes = $50 and so on.

♥ If you are late I may not be able to see you for the entire time you have booked for. 

♥ Depending on how late you are, I may have to reschedule or cancel our booking.

♥ If I have to cancel because you are significantly late, my cancellation fee of $100 AUD. If the cancellation fee is not paid, you will be placed on the BLACKLIST.



♥ Cancelling a booking without penalty is possible. The minimum time before a booking you can cancel is:

Incalls ·1 hour

Outcalls · 2 hours

♥ Cancelling within this time, upon arrival or not showing up at all will require a cancellation fee of $100AUD + any travel costs.

If a deposit has been paid, I will retain the deposit as the cancellation fee.

If a depsoit hasn't been paid, you will have tje pay the cancellation fee. This can be done in a number of ways, see "Deposits" above for details of payment options. Additionally, cash is acceptable to pay your cancellation fee.

⚠️ Warning · If the cancellation fee is not paid, you will be placed on the BLACKLIST.


♥ I do not smoke, and I does not like the smell or taste of it.

♥ If you smoke, I advise you abstain from smoking in the hours before you see me and to brush your teeth and rinse with mouthwash prior to our booking.

♥ If you smell and taste of smoke I will not be able to kiss you.

♥ When possible, I will supply a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouth waste for you. Please notify me if you require these at our booking and I will do her best to accommodate you.


Longer Bookings

Longer bookings

♥ Include Overnight bookings, Travel Interstate & Overseas.



♥ My standard practice for all "Longer Bookings" is to request a copy of your current Government issued identification.

♥ This practice is in place for my safety and peace of mind. Any situation where I will be asleep and alone with a stranger poses a significant threat to me, and I takes such precautions for my own welfare.

♥ As detailed in "Security", above, all client information is kept strictly confidential, only myself and my security personnel will have access to it. However if I fail to make contact with my security personnel after the encounter, the police and any relevant government bodies (if outside Australia) will be contacted and the details handed over.

♥ Clients who refuse to supply a copy of their ID cannot be seen for Overnight or Travel Bookings.

♥ For Australian clients, I can accept a copy of your Drivers License or Passport.

♥ For International clients, I can only accept a copy of your Passport.

♥ If upon meeting a client in real life and they do not resemble the ID they have provided in any way, I will terminate the booking, retain my deposit and BLACKLIST you.


Deposit For longer booking

♥ For all bookings exceeding $1000 AUD, I require a 25% deposit of my service rate, plus the full cost of any travel incidentals such as taxi fare, accommodation (if she needs to book it) and/or flights.

♥ If I require a flight to meet with you, I will book this myself through my travel agent. No exceptions.

♥ The deposit for longer bookings can be made several ways. See "Deposits" above. Any payments must be cleared before the booking can be confirmed or commenced.

♥ My cancellation fee for shorter bookings is $100 AUD, 25% of the average booking rate. Mycancellation fee for longer bookings is also 25% of my booking rate, plus any travel incidentals such as taxi fare, flights and accommodation.

EXAMPLE: You wish to fly me interstate to spend a day with you. The total rate is my work rate ($4000) + travel expenses. The return flights are $360, a return taxi from my home to the airport and your airport to your hotel is $140. The total rate coming to $4500. The deposit is 25% of the work rate ($1000) + the full cost of travel expenses ($500), $1500 in total. The remaining 75% of the work rate is to be paid in full upon my arrival. If the remaining rate is not paid I will cancel the booking and retain the full deposit as my cancellation fee, being 25% of my service rate + full travel expenses.

CONTACT me to make a booking or enquiry! Evelyn 💋